a Hungarian Wedding

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July is my last months in Hungary as a volunteer. As I wrote before, it started with a trip to a village to say goodbye to other volunteers, visit of another town, saying goodbye to other volunteers who have finished their services. Nevertheless, July is not only about farewell parties but also about some happiness. In this month I have been to a bachelorette party and wedding of one of my colleagues.

In the beginning I was planning to go only to registration office and/or church, but when I was asked if I’m joining the party, I could not say „no“ as I felt very welcomed and awaited on the wedding.

On the first week of July we made a bachelorette party for our colleague. It took place in a very calm, cozy park next to a pound. Even without proper knowledge of the language I had fun. For Nora we made some tasks. We gave to bride-to-be a T-shirt and a marker and her task was to collect as much as possible wishes from couples or single men in the park; after we asked her questions about her husband-to-be and compared their answers. Every wrong answer was punished with a vodka shot, but she did a good job – 12 right answers out of 14. After, she had to write a poem including 10 words we gave to her. It turned on very nice and funny one! In the end we gave her presents from each of us. For me it was new thing as in Estonia bride’ friends are collecting money and buying one present. Anyway, I liked this ’tradition’ more, as I love presents so I would not mind to have 10 presents instead of 1 😀 haha (please, my girlfriends, keep it in mind, ahaha)

In two weeks we gathered together again, but this time in beautiful dresses and flowers in hands. It was THE day. The registration supposed to start at 1pm, and instead of coming 10-15 min earlier, I came 3 min earlier. Well, I really get adopted to the time feeling in here. Anyway, I was not late but the ceremony started a bit later, as the bridesmaid was late (they got a little bit lost..). For me the ceremony was a little bit unusual. The first thing was music, it was not typical the Mendelson march, but some other nice melody; the second – the couple (and groomsman and braidsmaid) was sitting on chairs (in Estonia couple is standing), and the third thing was that groomsman and bridesmaid are also putting their signatures on the document. As I get to know later, in many countries it is still like this, no only in modern Estonia, haha. In the registration office I felt I little bit insecure as I was the only guest, not a family friend or family member. Anyway, they welcomed me very warm.

After the registration we went to a church. To be honest, it is hard for me to call Baptist church a church, as it has no differences with other event venues.. I am sorry, but that is my opinion, and I do respect all religions. Anyway, after we came to the church, we sat on the seats we wanted to and started to wait for the ceremony.

In the beginning it was a band singing Holy songs and songs about our God. After, it was time for the pastor to say his speech. Also he was making some jokes during his speech (I understood it as guests were laughing). When he finished, he welcomed mother of the bride to say her words to the couple; after it were two more pastors (or something like that). After it was time to bless them and if I were expecting to see one pastor blessing the couple, I was wrong. It were three of them giving their blessing to the new married couple. My only question was „why so many of them?“. Well, every religion has its own rules and traditions.

To the church came a lot of people, friends, colleagues, also children with parents from kindergarten. After the ceremony we went to another venue where we could eat sweet things and take pictures with the newly married couple. From the church we went to the venue where the main celebration took it place.

The venue was next to the Danube river. We were lucky enough to have good weather on that day, so we could enjoy the day on its fullest. On the table I sat among people who can speak either Russian or/and English, so i was not bored or shut during the evening.

As the starter we ate soup (of course) and after it was Swedish table where every guest could chose something for himself. It was a bit surprising for me, as I used to have waitress who would bring and take away the plates. Nevertheless, I found it very nice idea, and even though we were 80 people, the line for food was beautiful and no messy. From 6pm till 9pm we were eating and chatting. At 8pm most of people wanted to dance, but we could not as we had to wait for the couple to open the dance floor. At nine they started to dance and after this we could enjoy ourselves as well. I danced a lot with mother of the bride, like we were best friends, hehe. Danced with the bride, her niece, other relatives and colleagues.

An interesting fact. In Russian wedding we scream „Gorjko“ which means „bitter“, in order to make the couple to kiss. In Hungary they beat glasses with knives/forks to make the sound that tells to the couple that they have to kiss. Very interesting!.

After 1am everyone started slowly packing and heading to home.  I had a lot of fun even if I did not speak the language or it was only dances, and no entertainment. This time I was not crying but was happy for my colleague-friend Nora and her husband.


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